Flexible legal training according to your needs. A social learning network just for you. Learn from our courses or organize knowledge within your organization.

Social Learning Platform

A platform tailored to your organization to have access to all legal training, together.

Tailor-made courses

Courses designed for you and your organization, strictly tailored to your training needs.

In-House Training

Organize all the lost knowledge within your organization. OPINIO helps you create efficient courses by capitalizing on internal know-how.

100 % Digital

A totally dematerialized and asynchronous legal training, where you learn when and where you want.


An e-learning platform of your own, with your colleagues, tailor-made for your organization.


A cutting-edge educational offer, focused on the legal challenges of the future.


A way to organize your own internal learning, turning lost knowledge into courses for the whole organization.

Clients who trust.

OPINIO grows every day with its customers. It is their learning and constant change that drives us to constantly adapt and innovate.


It is time to change how you and your organization learn law.


Stop wasting time and resources on physical legal training. Save time with an exclusively digital platform where resources learn without leaving the organization.


Save money on training. A single course can be viewed by dozens of employees at once, at no additional cost. Buy legal training and train generations of employees.


Access a new international marketplace for top legal training. Renowned national and international speakers, with emerging subjects you won't find anywhere else.


A new way to learn and teach. A 100% digital and asynchronous training, to learn whenever and wherever you want. Save your scarce resources.


Legal training tailored to your needs. Programs created from what you need, not pre-defined curricula or programs.

Rely on us

Rely on OPINIO to dedicate yourself to what really matters: your business. Stop wasting time and resources on training weeks, with fixed schedules.

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