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Choose the service that best fits your needs and your business culture. OPINIO offers flexible legal training solutions that allow tailor-made learning to your training needs.


Social Learning Platform

A closed social network for you and your employees to learn together. Here you can exchange experiences, messages, create learning groups and access the advanced OPINIO e-learning system.


OPINIO Courses

A catalog of courses designed for you and your needs. A set of innovative courses, on emerging legal topics, that will put your organization at the forefront of legal training.


In-House Trainings

A new way to organize your internal knowledge, often scattered in various parts of your organization, making it attractive to your employees.

Social Learning Platform

Learn, together.

Imagine having your own social network, just for you and your employees. Exchange experiences, messages or share files and learning opportunities. Having e-learning tailored to your needs, with your practice areas, your processes, your people.

  • Social Network
  • Integrated E-Learning System
  • Practice Areas and Private Groups

OPINIO Courses

A catalog of courses pre-designed by OPINIO to meet all your needs immediately.

OPINIO delivers the excellence training you are looking for. All a single place, ready to be acquired whenever and however you want. Then just inject the courses into your platform and you are ready to get the legal training of the 21st century.

  • High-Level Trainings
  • One time buy - keep forever
  • Faster and 100% Digital
  • National and International Speakers
  • Emerging Topics, including Law and Tech
  • Best prices available, regardless of the number of workers

In-House Trainings

Organization of your internal knowledge in a tailor-made e-learning.

Imagine organizing all your internal know-how (videos, lectures, podcasts, onboarding docs) into a single e-learning, with your entire organization participating in building group knowledge.

  • Internal Knowledge Management
  • Better efficiency
  • Avoid losing internal know-how
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